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When a factory moves or closes shop, the buildings left behind can become embarrassing problems for the community – if they’re not properly maintained or cleared out, these properties can become expensive liabilities for their owners. Abandoned industrial properties can be known as brownfields, causing pollution to enter the environment, and can be targets of thieves and other criminal elements. At Regal Recycling, we know how to prevent this kind of blight from occurring in your community. Our team specializes in industrial strip-outs, making sure industrial properties are safe, secure and environmentally sound. We’ll also make sure certain items of value have been removed, thereby lessening the target for thieves.   We also provide commercial cleanout services for foreclosure, relocation or large clean outs for all sorts of business locations. Past clients include mothballed factories, farms, restaurants, warehouses and industrial buildings. Absolutely no job is too big, and we cover every phase of the process, from pick-up to disposal. There’s no work for you to do – show us what needs to go, what you want to keep and let us know if you need heavy equipment moved to new location. We do all the work, right on site – from torching and cutting to trucking, we’ve got the equipment and the people to get the job done and leave your industrial property ready for you to move in and start work. In all of our work, we keep environmental and occupational safety as our priority. We separate all of the recyclable and salvageable materials from your factory strip-out project before sending material for disposal. This means our clients don’t waste money and valuable resources sending recyclable or reusable materials to expensive construction and demolition landfills. Many common materials collected during industrial demolition and strip-out projects can be recycled or reused – plumbing fixtures, wiring, lighting, conduit, heating and ventilation components, even heavy machinery that’s fallen into disrepair.  Has the property been foreclosed or bought at auction? We’ll save you the hassle and get your new property clear of what the previous occupant left behind and ready for your purposes. Closing up a portion of your plant? Our demolition experts can move your valuable material out and tear down the building for you. Moving across the property, across town, or across the country? Our Heavy Equipment and Machinery moving and rigging team can get your valuable machinery and equipment assets to your new location safely and securely. Contractors, does your construction job have a demolition or clear-out portion? Let us help outbid your competitors. Tell us what your project entails, and we’ll give you an estimate on labor and disposal fees. We’ll give you a receipt and report to pass through to your clients on material we were able to salvage and recycle instead of paying for disposal, giving additional savings to the project. We service any client in the multi-state area, taking on jobs in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana. Call us at (517) 546-3820 today and ask to speak to one of our business account representatives on our environmentally safe factory machine removal service.
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Absolutely no job is too big, and we cover every phase of the process, from pick-up to disposal. ” 
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