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Sometimes, buildings or portions of buildings have to be demolished. Regal Recycling is a licensed demolition contractor with expertise in non-explosive demolition. Using the most up to date technology, we offer a fast, safe and professional licensed demolition service. Our environmentally friendly demolition service is available to commercial businesses and the general public throughout Michigan and the surrounding states. When Regal Recycling demolishes a home or building, we take steps to make the demolition project as environmentally friendly as possible and to ensure surrounding property is protected. We follow a waste hierarchy, first dismantling the home or premises and removing any salvageable material. Certain fixtures and furnishings are salvaged for reuse – we find new uses for many of the doors, windows, office furnishings and bathroom fixtures left behind. Some things must be sent to landfills – they can’t be safely reused or recycled. Rest assured that Regal Recycling makes sure all waste material is handled safely and properly, and in accordance with all state and local environmental protection regulations.  We comply with all codes, standards, regulations, and workers' safety rules that are administered by federal agencies (EPA, OSHA, and DOT), state agencies (MIOSHA, DNR, and DCH), and any other local regulations and standards that may apply. In addition, we hold a license to remove and dispose of asbestos, and we comply with all regulations, codes and standards administered by federal and local agencies governing this process. We can handle any sort of demolition job, large or small, interior or exterior. Some of our past work includes: Entire buildings, plants, industrial and commercial premises; Water towers and silos Foundations Nuclear plants and power plants. Institutional and Industrial settings. Residential properties and commercial enterprises. Regal Recycling is a licensed non-explosive precision demolition service. This means we can demolish only the parts of your home or premises that are set for demolition, and protect the rest of your property.  For commercial clients, our professional assessment skills enable us to carry out safe interior and exterior demolition on buildings and plant, without damage to surrounding buildings or disruption to nearby work. We offer specialty demolition services: High-Rise Demolition - We have capability to tackle the tallest projects – we’re master crane operators and can tackle your high-rise demolition. Interior Demolition -We are able to carry out interior demolition in a wide variety of settings, in both occupied and empty buildings. We have safely carried out interior demolition in a huge variety of buildings including hospitals, pharmaceutical plants, manufacturing depots and office buildings. Wrecking/Razing - Regal Recycling Demolition Service can dismantle many structures and plant, prior to demolition. Items that we can dismantle include silos, water towers, nuclear plants, and entire plants. Power Plant Decommissioning - We can dismantle a power plant to a level that enables termination of the license and release of the property. We are able to dismantle the complete power plant, plant machinery and equipment, and turbine generators. Electrical Strip-Outs & Electrical Demolition - We offer safe electrical strip-outs and Electrical Demolition to private homeowners and commercial businesses. When you call Regal Recycling to carry out you demolition project, we’ll start by providing a custom quote for your project based on the scope of work you want carried out. We’ll go through your property and create a plan for deconstruction and recycling, and we’ll let you know what we can reuse, what we can recycle and what must be taken to landfill. We’ll make sure we complete your demolition project safely - our expert staff will carry out a full analysis of your building and assess for risks before deciding on the best procedure. When it comes time to make the deconstruction plan, we’ll save you money and protect the environment at the same time by reducing waste to landfill and recycling or reusing everything we can. Finally, our advanced technology and precision techniques ensure we’ll provide you with top quality work at the best rates. Call 517-546-3820 today to discuss your demolition requirements, with no obligation at all. We will be happy to go through your project with you and help you to decide the most appropriate demolition service for your needs.
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